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Catharine Healy is passionate about beauty, excellence, and an organic process. She has shown her devotion to excellence through the past 20 years creating and installing outstanding interior design solutions for clients both residential and commercial. Her fine art ceramics follow suite, naturally, because it simply is who she is as an artist, through and through.

Catharine finds immense joy in the collaborative process working with clients to achieve their best outcome for the unique space and desire for their lives. This process correlates to her journey with the clay. She can collaborate with each new lump of clay and together bring forth something beautiful, original, and carefully crafted.

She states, “I love the great reveal when a finished design is installed and my clients enjoy the refreshed atmosphere to their lives.” This is also true when her fine art ceramics find their new home, the place where they will add beauty, wonder, and delight. This is the mystery of the process as it happens. Who is it happening for? Who needs this piece in their home, their business, or their life?

When she labors over designing each room with every single detail in mind, or she labors with her hands in clay considering the purpose of the piece, you can rest assured that her only motive is love. She loves. She works from love. You will be loved, seen, heard, and honored from any transaction made with Catharine. Her design will reflect the best for you, and her fine art ceramics will add an even deeper layer of that into your space, and ultimately into your heart.