Catharine Healy Ceramics

Contemporary Ceramic Art

Catharine Healy is an artist creating Contemporary Ceramic Art using the surface as a canvas to create texture and color contasts that excites the eye. Catharine’s 20 years of experience providing unique custom Interior solutions for clients both Residential Interior Design and custom Ceramic Art pieces, has given her immense joy while sharing in the collaborative process.

 “I love the great reveal when the finished piece is installed and my clients enjoy the fresh addition to their life.”

Most of her fine art ceramics are glazed in an ancient Japanese glaze called Shino. Shino glazes have been called a glaze of a thousand faces due to their unpredictability which provides constant amazement to her collectors. Catharine was first exposed to Japanese culture while attending Sunday school as a small child. Japanese ceramics celebrate the beauty of nature; it will always remain a valued influence.


From the Gallery